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Where to Get Affordable Dentures in Uptown Charlotte

If you’ve lost all or most of your teeth, dentures can help you achieve a functional and complete smile again! However, since getting dentures is an investment, you want the best and might be wondering where to get dentures that will fit your budget and provide you with the healthy smile you deserve.

This post discusses what you need to know before getting dentures and where you can get the best and most affordable dentures in Uptown Charlotte.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances consisting of artificial teeth and gums, also known as pontics. Your dentist will design your dentures to replace your missing natural teeth and restore the look and function of your smile. They are custom-made to fit your mouth and match your existing teeth’s appearance to ensure comfort and brighten your smile.

There are different types of dentures and partials to choose from depending on the number of teeth you’re replacing, the cost you’re willing to pay, and your oral health needs. Some of the most effective and common denture types include:

  • Partial dentures
  • Full / complete dentures
  • Immediate / temporary dentures
  • Overdentures / implant-supported dentures

If you’re interested in dentures, Dr. Stacy Alston will recommend the best dentures for you and help you take the right steps toward a healthy smile that fits your budget.

Top reasons to get dentures in Uptown Charlotte

Dentures are one of the most common and effective replacement options for missing teeth or teeth damaged by gum disease or tooth decay. Dentures will not only replace your missing teeth and brighten your smile but also support your mouth and jaw structures to keep your facial muscles from sagging. This way, your face won’t appear older than it is, and you’ll have a healthy and attractive smile.

Moreover, the functionality of your teeth will be restored, and you’ll find it easier to eat your favorite meals. Dentures also replace damaged or painful teeth with a beautiful and strong alternative that will even improve your speech.

Should you get dentures from any dental practice?

You can get your dentures or implant-supported dentures from any dental practice close to you. However, getting them from an inexperienced or unqualified dental practitioner can lead to problems and pain associated with cheap and ill-fitting dentures. Even worse, you’re more likely to have implant failure or end up with dentures made with lower-grade materials that can cause serious health problems.

That’s why we advise patients to only get their dentures or overdentures from a licensed and experienced dental practice like Genesis Family Dentistry. Licensed and experienced dentists like Dr. Alston know how to avoid denture and dental implant problems and can recommend the right type of dentures for your oral health needs.

Problems associated with cheap or ill-fitting dentures

You may have heard about dentists who lure patients in with an incredibly cheap denture quote. However, these dentists use the cheapest materials to meet the cost of providing dentures and post-denture care.

The truth is: dentures are not created equally, and the difference in denture prices depends on the denture materials, the type of denture required, and how much care a patient needs. Unfortunately, the low-grade dentures offered by some dentists are prone to breaking, cracking, and shrinking, leading to ill-fitting dentures and issues like:

Bite problems

Dentures made with low-grade materials tend to shrink more than 0.1%, affecting the way they fit and your bite functionality. Uneven bites caused by shrinking dentures can increase your risk of oral infections, and uneven biting pressure can lead to TMJ disorder.

Gum irritation

When you have ill-fitting dentures and they rub against your gum tissue, they can scrape your gums and cause inflammation, bleeding, and the formation of raw spots. Prolonged gum inflammation increases your risk of developing oral cancer. You may also develop mouth infections like stomatitis or cheilitis due to the cuts on your gums.

Dentures can also come loose or rub against your mouth and cause blisters to form on your gums and the tissues inside your mouth.

Difficulty chewing

Since cheap dentures are prone to breaking, shrinking, and cracking, they can make chewing difficult. As a result, your mouth may start hurting, and you’ll find eating and maintaining your nutrition more challenging.


The pain and pressure caused by dentures can spread to the jaw and cause jaw pain, headaches, earaches, difficulty chewing, and other TMJ issues.

Besides the problems listed above, cheap dentures also have limited tooth selections and gum color options, making them look and feel less natural. They also lack the longevity and comfort offered by premium quality dentures.

Where to get the best and most affordable dentures in Uptown Charlotte

Low-quality dentures and cheap implant-supported dentures can lead to serious issues that will affect not only your smile but also your overall well-being. Fortunately, with our list of dental services, we can help with your dental health needs!

At Genesis Family Dentistry, we offer the best and most affordable dentures in Uptown Charlotte near Plaza MidwoodWe use high-quality materials, and our dentures are expertly crafted to benefit your smile and overall well-being. We can also contour every curve of your gums so you can feel and look your best or reline your existing dentures to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

If you’re interested in dentures or your dentures are causing you discomfort or pain, schedule an appointment with us today. Dr. Alston will help you take the proper steps towards a bright and healthy smile and restore your confidence with the right dentures for you.