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Resources in Uptown Charlotte & Plaza Midwood

People living in Uptown Charlotte and Plaza Midwood agree that their neighborhoods are within walking distance. As a result, “what is for Uptown residents is for Plaza Midwood residents.” 

That made up quote underscores the fact that most facilities and businesses in Uptown Charlotte serve people in Plaza Midwood and vice versa. With that in mind, we review the resources in Uptown Charlotte and Plaza Midwood jointly so that you have several options. 

As a family dentistry in Uptown near Plaza MidwoodGenesis Family Dentistry serves people living in and around Uptown and Plaza Midwood. We are committed to improving the lives of our customers in every way. Hence, we considered it thoughtful to put this short guide together. 

History of Uptown Charlotte and Plaza Midwood

Uptown Charlotte

Even without knowing the details, you will agree that Uptown Charlotte has an interesting history. The city center is actually the Downtown of Charlotte, but it is called Uptown. According to local lore, residents always describe the area as Uptown because of its topography.

In the 1700s, present-day Uptown Charlotte was a trade route intersection that stretched over a high ridge. So residents had to go up the slope to get to the trade intersection. As the area developed, the trade intersection became a commerce center. 

Today, Uptown is dubbed the heart of Queens city. Like in the 1700s, Uptown is a commerce center and also a cultural and entertainment center. There are several restaurants, hotels, markets, dental practices, hospitals, art centers, and parks in the area.

Plaza Midwood

Locally known as one of Charlotte’s most eclectic and diverse neighborhoods, Plaza Midwood was formed in 1910 as a street-car suburb. The community flourished during the great depression before its growth stalled. Today, Plaza Midwood is a quiet neighborhood with a distinct style. On one side, there are several graffiti-covered shops, bars, and restaurants. On the next block, you’ll find residential homes and offices under the shade of century-old trees.

Depending on your preferences, Uptown Charlotte and Plaza Midwood are great places to live and work. For a laid back lifestyle, you should live in Plaza Midwood. Thrill-seekers will find Uptown Charlotte more appealing.

Things to do in Uptown Charlotte and Plaza Midwood


Food has always been an essential human need. So it is always important to know the culinary culture of an area before moving there. 

Start your day at Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe.

If you love American cuisine, you’re in for a treat at Zada Janes Corner Cafe. Outside the restaurant, you will feel the laid back, quirky ambiance Plaza Midwood is known for. Inside, the atmosphere is relaxed. Diners are served breakfast all day, and the foods are made from whole organic produce.

COVID-19 Update: Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe has reconfigured the dining room, bar, and patio to meet social distancing rules. Customers are required to sanitize before entering the restaurant and can order take out. Also, plastic cups and utensils are available upon request.

Coco and the Director

In Uptown Charlotte, the best place for an American breakfast is Coco and the Director. The trendy restaurant is famous for its hand-roasted coffee, sandwich selection, and freshly baked pastries. The restaurant has a near-perfect review of 4.5 on Google. So you can expect excellent service here.

COVID-19 Update: Due to COVID-19, you need to sanitize and use a face mask before entering the restaurant. 

Explore Arts and Culture

Visit the Mint Museum 

The Mint Museum showcases international art, live performances, and learning programs for all age groups. You can visit the museum with your family. Tours are timed, 15 – 30 minutes, and they’re exquisite.

COVID-19 Update: Kindly visit with your face mask to minimize the risk of transmission. Visitors may be required to sanitize and pass a temperature check before entering the museum. 

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art 

Located in Uptown Charlotte, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art holds and displays an exclusive art collection from mid-century modernism. Besides art, the museum has an extensive collection of books for reference. The environment is relaxed, and there is staff on the ground to provide a guided tour.

COVID-19 Update: As part of the COVID protocol, visitors must wear a mask and maintain social distancing within the facility. The museum staff cleans the touchpoints regularly and follows other strict hygiene rules.

There are several interesting things to do in Uptown Charlotte and Plaza Midwood not mentioned in this section. Our latest article provides more information.

Living in Uptown Charlotte and Plaza Midwood 

Uptown Charlotte

Uptown Charlotte, aka The heartbeat of the Queens City (Charlotte), has an urban and cool ambiance. Most of the residents are friendly, young, and love to relax and party. 

In terms of facilities, there are several nightspots, restaurants, museums, hospitals, dental practices, and schools in the area. 

Plaza Midwood

Residents and visitors of Plaza Midwood agree that the community has a laid back and quirky ambiance. The night scene in Plaza Midwood is lively. The residents lead quiet and fun lives.  There are stores in the neighborhood for jewelry, food, beer, and ready-made meals ( Zada Jane’s corner cafe).


Now you know the resources in Uptown Charlotte and Plaza Midwood. Both communities have overlapping boundaries. So it is easy for residents to use facilities, purchase services or patronize businesses in Uptown and Plaza Midwood.

Genesis family dentistry provides dental care and cosmetic treatments to residents in Uptown and Plaza Midwood. We are client-focused and follow the highest industry standards to treat and manage our patients during the COVID pandemic. If you want affordable dental care in Plaza Midwood or Uptown, kindly contact us.