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History of Uptown Charlotte

Whether you’re a proud native, visitor, or resident, the glorious history of Uptown Charlotte is a must learn. Knowing the history of Uptown will help you appreciate the current culture of Charlotte’s city center better. In this article, we review the history of Uptown and the best places to have quality fun today.

As a family dentist in Uptown Charlotte, Genesis Family Dentistry is proud of the heritage and encourages residents to learn about Uptown’s history.

Historical fun facts every Uptown Charlotte resident should know.

The Unique name 

If you’re a curious type and have never read about the history of Uptown Charlotte, you must wonder why it is called Uptown instead of downtown. As it turns out, Charlotte is the only city in the country that calls its downtown, Uptown. The unique title was made official on Sept. 23, 1974, by the city council. However, the name was used by early settlers before the official recognition. 

The accepted narrative of how the name Uptown came

In the mid-1700s, present-day Uptown (particularly Trade and Tryon streets) was an intersection of Native American trading routes, which ran along a ridge top. So when residents went to the trade route, they went up. Also, the Loyalists decision to settle at the trade route explains the importance of the area and why Uptown is the central business district. 

Today, the name Uptown refers to the geographic location of Tryon and Trade street. Tryon street is named after the state’s colonial governor William Tryon while Trade street honors the site’s trade history. The city grew out of Tryon and Trade street and was officially incorporated as Charlotte town in 1768.

The word ‘Uptown’ promotes a positive image of the center city area, attracting people to live, work, and play in the center city district. School districts in Charlotte have a history curriculum to teach students the origin and reason for the name.


Today, Uptown Charlotte is a hub of thriving businesses and entertainment centers in North Carolina. It is the central business district of Charlotte and the largest business district in the Carolinas with over 28 million square feet of office space. The area is divided into four wards and bounded by the interstate 77 and interstate 277.

Athletic and event facilities, financial institutions, cultural centers, art galleries, residencies, hospitals, dentists, hotels, restaurants, and clubs are all concentrated in the city center. 

In terms of tourism, Uptown Charlotte hosts more than 18 million visitors a year and 30,000 home residents. The employment rate in the area is decent, thanks to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, PNC, etc., which employs over 130,000 people. 

The Uptown Charlotte Advantage 

Inarguably the heartbeat of Charlotte (Queen city), Uptown is a melting pot of centuries-old tradition, creativity, and innovation. Uptown is the perfect place to meet up safely with friends, family, and colleagues. 

Throughout the years, Uptown has been known for friendly, generous, and accommodating residents. It is one of the safest neighborhoods in Charlotte. Also, the health care system is reliable. There are highly-rated dental practices, eye clinics, and hospitals for children, adults, and seniors within the neighborhood.

Fun Things to do in Uptown Charlotte

Uptown is an interesting place to visit. You can explore the area by wards or go on a themed adventure. Let’s explore the options. 

Explore the hidden gems by wards

As stated earlier, Uptown has four wards. Each ward has lots of interesting sites and places to visit. The first ward is on the east side of Uptown Charlotte, and its main attractions are the Blumenthal performing arts theatre, Levine museum of the new south, and children’s theater of Charlotte. Other side attractions are found at the edge of the first ward, where we have condos and townhomes, with beautiful trees serving as shades to these homes.

The second ward, which is on the south side of Uptown, is where you find government and city-owned buildings like the Charlotte convention center, county courthouse, etc.

The west side of Uptown Charlotte is the hub of most sports facilities, including the bank of America stadium and trust field. Other places of interest are the mint museum, the knight theatre, Frazier Park, and Brevard court. 


Culinary Tour

The city center has several dining spots for people who want to go on a food adventure. You can start your day at Coco and the Director, a trendy Uptown spot famous for its hand-roasted coffee, freshly made pastries, and daily rotating sandwich selection. 

For quality seafood, visit Fin & Fino or Sea Level. If you want to prepare your meal, order fresh food from the 7th street public market. 


Uptown Charlotte has several colleges, universities, and public libraries. The public library of Charlotte and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library are the two main libraries. These libraries offer free educational resources to everyone. 


Learn about the history of Uptown Charlotte by visiting the Charlotte Museums of history and art centers. Over the years, multiple museums have opened in Uptown. The museum offers audience-friendly programs, stories, exhibits, and objects that shaped Charlotte’s history.

Art centers and Museums in Uptown Charlotte


Due to the coronavirus, the best place to have fun is at the park and stadiums, where there is space for social distancing. 

With that in mind, the best outdoor places to visit are 

  • The mosaic mirrored Firebird Installation (in front of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art).
  • The city’s namesake Queen Charlotte sculpture (around the N. College Street and E. 5th Street).
  • The Statues representing Transportation, Commerce, Industry, and The Future (at the intersection of Trade and Tryon streets).
  • The Splash park

The great thing about Uptown is that it has many hidden fun spots. So this list of fun places is not definitive. If you want to discover all the fun things you can do in Uptown, start with this post.

If you want to learn more about the heartbeat of Queens City (Charlotte), visit the museums, libraries, and art centers in the area.

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