General Dentistry

There’s more to maintaining a healthy smile than simply brushing and flossing! While both of those are super important, general dentistry and coming to see our dentist on a regular basis also plays a vital role in your smile!

Do I Need Dental Implant Restoration?

General dentistry is rooted in prevention. This includes the prevention of any decay or disease affecting the mouth, teeth, or gums. However, in the event that preventive measures aren’t enough, general dentistry may encompass restorative care to repair any damage.

Do You Need Dental Implant Restoration in Charlotte NC?

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. In order to achieve your best oral health, we recommend coming to see our dentist twice a year. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental appointment, contact our experienced and friendly team at Genesis Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today!

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