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What Is Airway Dentistry?

Airway dentistry is a growing field that focuses on the mouth’s structure and how it impacts breathingSleep apnea and airway dentistry probably don’t come to mind when you think of a dentist. However, the body needs to breathe well to get what it needs so you can live a healthy and vibrant life, making airway dentistry an essential aspect of dental practices.

Our airway-focused dentists in Uptown Charlotte, NC near Plaza Midwood, know how to identify the underdevelopment of the mouth and jaws and what symptoms may indicate a breathing or sleep disorder. In addition, our dentist will identify and resolve underlying structural causes of sleep or airway issues using an airway-centered approach to dental care.

Airway dentistry is an important part of pediatric dentistry that is often overlooked. A common misconception among parents is that their child doesn’t need to visit a dentist if they don’t have many teeth. However, we recommend taking your children to a dentist either by their first birthday or within six months of getting their first visible tooth. This will allow your dentist to catch and treat concerns related to your child’s bite and palate with minimal effort to prevent years of health and breathing issues as they mature.

Signs Your Child is Experiencing Airway Obstruction

Your child may show signs of airway obstruction that are noticeable on their face. The most frequent indication is the development of dark circles under their eyes, often called “Allergic Shiners,” which could be a sign of allergy or airway-related issues.

Other signs your child has airway obstruction include:

  • Baggy eyes as a result of reduced venous drainage
  • A narrow face and narrow lower and upper jaw
  • A small nose that develops from improper nasal breathing
  • An open mouth that results in an elongated facial pattern

Important!: Airway obstruction in children may lead to mouth breathing and sleep disorders, causing sleepiness during the day, delayed growth, bed-wetting, and misdiagnosed ADD and ADHD.

In addition, consistent mouth breathing in children can result in altered facial growth, obstructed sleep, impaired speech, and various bite issues. Children with obstructed sleep can also develop long-term health issues, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and stroke.

Airway obstruction and sleeping disorders can worsen if overlooked or not treated promptly. Fortunately, our dentists in Uptown Charlotte, NC, near Plaza Midwood can easily spot and treat your child’s airway deficiencies.

How Our Airway Dentistry in Uptown Charlotte Can Help with Airway Obstruction


Myobrace uses a drug-free approach to treat airway obstruction. This treatment option focuses on the root causes of airway obstruction using a series of intra-oral appliances. These appliances correct your child’s underlying airway obstruction issues and improve their breathing by applying slowgentle pressure to their teeth and jaw.

Myobrace comes with four intraoral appliances that provide four different types of treatment, including:

  • Habit correction
  • Arch development
  • Dental alignment
  • Retention

If your child has sleep apnea or other respiratory issues, our Myobrace treatment in Uptown Charlotte near Plaza Midwood is a viable treatment option.


Vivos is also a non-surgical treatment approach that helps to improve breathing by expanding the airways using intraoral appliances. These appliances are worn all night during sleep. They widen your child’s airway by gently shifting the position of their tongue and other soft tissues in their mouth.

No matter what symptoms and signs of airway obstruction your child has, Dr. Alston and Dr. Drabick can help set them on the right path toward greater comfort and better overall health with our dental services in Uptown Charlotte, NC near Plaza MidwoodIf you believe your child suffers from airway obstruction and would benefit from our airway dentistry services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment

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